The Day The Moon Did Not Explode


The unexploded moon

One night, about ten years ago, I had a nightmare. I am no stranger to vivid and sometimes disturbing dreams, but this one was so heavily laden with emotion, so real, that I felt it in the pit of my sleeping stomach like a physical pain. I dreamed that the moon was about to explode. We had heard the emergency announcements on the news; there may be some survivors but they would be few and far between. Everyone should prepare for the worst. My husband and I crawled with our young son to the safe haven of the underside of the kitchen table – dreams do not always comprise entirely logical or rational behaviour and my conscious self would clearly have made better choices but this was unconscious (or at least subconscious) me acting. The moment arrived when the massive asteroids created by this supernatural disaster were to collide catastrophically with our corner of the earth. There was a bang, a flash of blinding light…

At this point, in most dreams, one would expect to wake in a cold sweat. But my dream continued long enough to reveal to me the extent of my small family’s good fortunes. We had survived. I did not sleep for long enough to discover how many others had been as fortunate but, as I opened my eyes and realised the truth that penetrated both my dreaming and waking self – that I was still alive – I knew my life would never be the same again.

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