The unexploded moon and where I am today


moon and stars

I am still on the journey it is fair to say. I can’t say how far down the road I am because the road is not only immeasurable at present, it is also full of twists and turns that embody its unpredictable nature.

The only way to navigate this journey is simply one step at a time, trusting that the next step will provide a secure footing, and knowing that it may not.

I will stumble and at times I will fall. Both are fine.

There is more of the story to tell, but I do not currently feel constrained by the need for chronology in the telling of it. Today I make the link between the unexploded moon and my current location.

When I awoke from that moon dream, grateful for any scrap of life that remained in my dream-dazed state of confusion, I vowed to always be grateful to be alive. Whatever meteoric catastrophes hurtled towards my world, these would always be set against this backdrop of perspective. I am alive. As long as I could say this, as long as the moon did not explode…

There have been times when I have felt as though it may as well have. But that lunar kick up the ass reminder has served me well. There have been days when I have indeed wished the bloody moon just in fact would bloody well explode and do me a bloody favour. But these are rare and short days.

Once glance at the unexploded moon – in the sky, in a picture, in an etched engraving of gratitude as platitude on my skin – usually does the trick.

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