One small step…


Monday 30th March 2015

Today we took a walk. We paused to rest along the way and I excused this by drawing excessive attention to the rows of dancing daffodils, quoting Wordsworth. Why wouldn’t you?

This momentous outing was to the end of the lane. And yet it felt as much of a victory as the 13.1 miles of less than 2 years ago. A retrospective glance at an old diary 2 days ago informed me that it was the anniversary of my first ever ten mile run. Yet today those yards felt even more significant. Not a first ever, but a first since… a return to the everyday, mundane, commonplace normality of putting one foot in front of another and moving forward.

And I discovered, rediscovered, the beauty of the ordinary. The joy of a footstep to nowhere. How rarely we stop to appreciate the marvel of this, our ability to move, effortlessly, independently, in any direction we choose, and at any pace.

This relapse has forced a change of pace. Slow is the new modus operandi, but it actually feels good. I saw the daffodils today, and we recited Wordsworth, and I’m almost ashamed that it took a relapse to remind me to do so.

2 thoughts on “One small step…

  1. Susan Jones

    Thank you for reminding me of the joy of getting over an MS attack. Each time of smelling the roses, stopping to comment on anything but stopping… then promising myself that I wouldn’t live my life at such a hectic pace ever again…and of course living life to the full and ending up with another attack. The years have rolled on but now I’m a senior citizen – no remissions but lots to look back on. It’s life and MS has made me appreciate it all the more.

    • Thank you Susan – lovely to hear you say that you have lived life to the full. MS certainly makes us all appreciate the moments, that’s for sure. Smelling the roses is always, always a good thing, even when you are faking it! Much love x

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