30 days of gratitude day 13 – Music


music tree

Only eight notes in all the world. That is amazing isn’t it? All of music, ever, is just a combination of how, when and where they are played. That one small toolkit creates a world of infinite possibilities. Can anything else lay claim to so diverse a range of outcomes with such a limited start?

Yet we curse our own inabilities and limitations, citing lack of opportunity or simple resources as our excuse for failure, or lack of motivation to rise to action. “I could do it, if only I had…” . “I don’t have enough…” When all the time these simple sounds can twist and turn, transform and dance to a harmony of endless proportions. They somehow unite in time and space to fuel a mood, emotion, tone; a meditation or a curse; an embrace, assault, distraction… Never holding up their hands in frustration to declare that they are spent of all ideas or inspiration, or ill-equipped to generate anything new.

The music just keeps coming, no excuses. We could all learn a lesson or two from that.

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