No Tattoo


On Your 21st

You’d always planned a new tattoo, but times have changed, and so have you,

As you approach your 21st, the lines that we’ve so well rehearsed

Are changing scripts, the roles moved on, your adolescent anger gone,

Your cold defiance melted, softened, now we argue far less often

if at all, or so it seems, for now you’ve joined the Adult team,

New impressions, new perspective, now becoming more objective,

Seeing life with grown-up eyes, hope you’ve come to realise

that all we did was well-intended, bridges built and fences mended,

Now you make a different choice, I hear my words ring in your voice,

Lines passed down to son from mother, shift to fatherhood from brother,

Hoping I’ve instilled in you the right decisions, what to do,

To speak with love, despite your doubt, to raise your argument, not shout,

To always see the world with awe, be thankful for what’s gone before,

So although there is no tattoo, no inky image now for you,

I give you this, a simple thing, a mother’s love, etched in your skin.

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